Twrch Trwyth Trail

When boar hunting was common in Wales, the story was told of the great Welsh hero, Arthur, who, with a vast army of warriors, chased a magical wild boar known as the Twrch Trwyth across the breadth of South Wales. The Twrch Trwyth had come from Ireland with a herd of pigs, furiously intent on ravaging the land of Arthur. The Twrch landed at Porth Clais, Pembrokeshire, Arthur landed at St. David’s Head, and the chase began. This spectacular boar hunt extended from Pembrokeshire to the Severn Estuary, with many battles taking place along the way and many of Arthur’s champions savagely killed by the Twrch Trwyth and its brood. Finally, all the pigs were killed except the Twrch, who was caught, first of all in the Severn Estuary, and subsequently, in Cornwall. The Hunt of the Twrch Trwyth is part of the story of Culhwch and Olwen, the earliest known written record of Arthur. Culhwch falls in love with Olwen and wants to marry her.

Ysbaddaden the giant, her father, has to try to prevent the marriage because it will bring about his own death. He demands that Culhwch must perform forty seemingly impossible tasks before he can marry Olwen. Arthur, cousin to Culhwch, agrees to help. He gathers his forces for the final task to obtain the comb, razor and scissors lodged in the head of the Twrch Trwyth. Arthur must then take the warm blood of the Very Black Witch to soften the beard of Ysbaddaden to shave him before his death.

Enter the imaginary world of Arthur as you contemplate the breathtaking Preseli, experience the tranquil beauty of Carmarthenshire, walk the The Beacons Way, rest by the lakes or savour the dramatic intensity of the Severn Bore. Discover the stories of Wales, hidden in the rivers, the lakes, the mountains, the rocks and the sea.

The Twrch Trwyth Trail is highlighted through interpretive panels, a dedicated website and supporting brochures from relevant information centres, so that visitors can access information regarding the story and other local community attractions and points of interest.

Four pigs were killed in the Amman Valley area, Banw, Twrch Llawin, Benwig and
Gwys. Their names are reflected in places in the area such as Banwen Place and
Carnau Gwys. Many warriors died among them, Echel Mighty Thigh and Garwyli, who were killed at Llyn Llech Owain.

If you are in the area of the Twrch Trwyth Trail, you might wish to key in to the local trails and discover the part of the story relevant to the Amman Valley.

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Twrch Trwyth in the Amman Valley

Please choose the Walks from the drop-down menu above. Each Walk interacts with a number of Information panels on the routes, shown on the detailed Walk maps.

Both the maps and additional information can be accessed by scanning the QR codes on the information panels as you navigate along the Walks.

Arthur – Walk 6 (Raven Brochure) 

Croeso / Welcome – Walk 2 (Hen Fethel Brochure), Walk 3 (Golwg yr Aman Brochure), Walk 6 (Raven Brochure)

Cullhwch – Walk 2 (Hen Fethel Brochure), Walk 3 (Golwg yr Aman Brochure), Walk 6 (Raven Brochure)

Mabon – Walk 3 (Golwg yr Aman Brochure), Walk 5 (Cwmpedol Brochure)

Moch – Walk 2 (Hen Fethel Brochure), Walk 5 (Cwmpedol Brochure)

Olwen – Walk 5 (Cwmpedol Brochure), Walk 6 (Raven Brochure)


Twrch – Walk 6 (Raven Brochure)

Ysbaddaden – Walk 5 (Cwmpedol Brochure), Walk 6 (Raven Brochure)